Friday, January 11, 2013

Tactic Tip #109

State your intent

Many times in matches especially with 4 man premade and 4 pugs you have no idea what the pugs are doing (are they another premade?)
We have some guys that are fast typist can put in our intent in chat and can coordinate on the fly.  We tested this last week - our team running 4 fast mechs to cap their base while the rest distracted the enemy. Yes a fast cap and a cheap shot but a shot none the less ....they could have defend but chose to run at the 4 pugs.

The match before that we made a mistake of not telling our pugs what our intent was and they were really bend out of shape about it. We tried delaying the game to 10 minutes not killing them or capping just pure survival ...there were only 3 of us and only one pilot was able to survive ....he was still running when they gave up searching for him and capped instead at 13:23 minutes. The rest of our team was complaining that we should have told them and looking back they were right.

They would not have helped us but it made with good watching. we were cheering him on the whole time ...running and hiding in a awesome was funny.

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