Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quotable Wednesday version 12

You are one ugly muttafacka. - Dutch - 1987 - Predator

So yesterday was the release of the ugliest hero mech ever but people love her. "Pretty Baby"

The history behind PB is this:
Leftenant Danielle Peterson: As a member of the Chisholm’s Raiders, Peterson has a petite build and physical beauty that is atypical of MechWarriors and seemingly at odds with her Awesome’s appearance. She is highly regarded for her exceptional piloting ability, and the extraordinary agility and performance she displays in her BattleMech have been well documented. Seemingly uninhibited by the Awesome’s typical lack of maneuverability, Peterson’s incredible skills have made her and her Awesome (“Pretty Baby”) famous in all the Successor States. Several Solaris VII stables have offered her tremendous financial rewards were she to retire and join them, but so far she has publicly maintained that her allegiance to the Federated Suns, and she claims she does not intend to retire until they are done with her

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