Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back in my day the trouble with games.

I was watching a movie recently
"Trouble with the Curve" - if you havent seen it - it is ok. A baseball movie from a scout perspective. A scout who uses his eyes vs all the new techniques offered by stats and computers.

This scout is portrayed by Clint Eastwood ....a favorite actor of mine from when I was a kid. However, in his old age I think he is nothing but a washed out, grumpy, old, man every movie he is in isnt getting better. He is an ass - so I am wondering if this is his real peronality sneaking into the movies or he is really a great actor. I guees I just don't like him any more. He growls and complains the whole movie.

 Gran Torino - I saw in the theater and I hated it just cannot get grumpier than this --->
 Dirty Harry .....right on! Angry cop and he fit the bill.
Good the Bad and the Ugly. Greatest Spaghetti Western ever!
What does this have to do with gaming? you may ask. Well I have begun to hear a lot of people say things like "well in this game they do this" or "that game they fixed this issue with this solution" I even find myself doing it. The question is can PGI fix the issues with ideas learned from other games or come up with a solution of their own ...and implement it quick enough not to turn people away from them. OR PGI could just grumpier and old ....eventually they will be praised for something I just hope they arent recognized for growly grumpiness.

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