Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tactic Tip #106

Stay in the bubble of the ECM (Electronic Counter Measure)
This simple device limited to certain mech's has become a hugely popular and integrated tactic. I believe it will be nerfed  fixed but we will see.
What has happened is more people are using The D-DC Atlas (which is devastating) 4 of them are extremely difficult to manage or using 2 Ravens with ECM and staying in range of them so effectively you cannot hit them with missiles or jamming you so you cannot see any of them on your map until it is too late.
By staying with your team under the bubble of ECM you are effectively able to keep going as long as you stay with your teammates.
Here is how I see ECM
Your team EMC Jamming the enemy.
Your team has EMC Counteracting the Jam from the enemy.
It has become a game of who has more EMC or mechs with only ballistics and lasers.
Here is a new good fact I have found only 4 man groups ...Yup you heard me run a 4 man group and you will launch more often and win more frequently.

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