Friday, December 28, 2012

Tactic Tip #108

Map: River City
Mode: Assault
Time: Day
The last game of the night for our group. The team request the run straight at the enemy base; straight up the river. We are running stealth since the Atlas DDC is leading the charge (slowly) with EMC.
We expected to either meet them in the water or for them to base defend.
However, we walked straight into the enemy base and killed the hunchback guarding it in a focused fire attack.
By now, the rest of the opposing team had turned back to their base ...the result of doing this is heavy loss if you "conga-line" into the base.

You must have one mech in the base to stop the capture the problem is getting into the base to staying alive long enough to take out the mechs capping you.

Do not be distracted by the number of mechs in your base must stay in the base to stop a capture. I like to win by combat but in this case the strategy (communication, capping, stealth, focus fire) beats almost anything hands down.
What could you do different?
You can send out scouts to find the enemy leave 3 mechs behind to watch the base. Send 4 mechs to capture the enemy with the knowledge that a enemy capture means stop whatever you are doing and return to base. The 3 at base will need to stay on base or keep the enemy completely disorganized while the rest of the team returns.
That was a great end to the matches last night.

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