Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't tell me what I can't do.

In the middle of LOST rewatch. I am reading everything I can get my hands on concerning MWO and Battletech.
It is extremely difficult to not get excited about whats coming up.

I have a kindle and have added "BattleTech - 08602 - The Sword and the Dagger - Ardath Mayhar" to my list to read. May have to start before finishing "Life of Pi"

Every excited.

So many people play tabletop Battletech that I feel like I am missing out on some good background knowledge. So while during some research I discovered another game that is coming out called MechTactics I know nothing about this game I think it is in beta right now too. It is just a browser game and tabletop.

Read this:
"Involve yourself in the futuristic battles to eliminate all opponents with the company of powerful and hulking behemoths, and control your combative robots to venture through any difficulties in the expansive Mech Tactics world.
Built with Unity3D engine used in Battlestar Galactica Online, Mech Tactics is a 3D sci-fi browser game developed by the Norwegian game studio Artplant and published by DTP Entertainment. The game has a fairly satisfactory graphic presentation and jaw-dropping spectacle. Meanwhile, there is an extensive range of character customization options, which enables the players to forge an ideal and overwhelming unit of fighting giants.

As a commander in Mech Tactics, you should train your futuristic combat units and keep enhancing your tactical skills and overall planning ability in order to compete with thousands of other commanders.

With extensive customization options, each commander can make his personalized units and engage in the action-packed battles.

To survive in the game, you will have to tactically guide your troops to step on different maps, and adjust your fighting strategies according to conditions of the diverse environments.

Although only bits of information on the game is leaked right now, its release date is about to come. Just get ready to sign up for its closed beta test starting in mid-February this year."


So having read this I am going to be posting stats about MechTactics what is known, BattletechMWO. I am not going to release any info outside of what is currently available.

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