Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Future MMOs and PvP


Somebody Has Already Hit Level 80 In Guild Wars 2

Its amazing the game is barely out (launched on August 28th) and here we are - a person at level cap. In a pvp game; the comments indicate that crafting levels you faster than playing or doing pvp.

I am personally burnt out on fantasy style MMOs - for years I have logged in and played with friends and people I had met. What made this fun was it was world wide and I thought it was uber-cool to be playing with them one night and the next day at work discussing it ...yeah my friends in Austrailia or Russia said (whatever they said) that was cool to me.

I don't roleplay so maybe I am missing out on that but its just not me. In fact, I secretly laugh at those who do roleplay its awkward to invite other people when you got a very plain American trying to act British ...yeah awkward.

WoW in one corner and Everyone else in the other. You could say well WoW is not the leader anymore and I would agree with you. Worldwide it holds the largest population but does that mean its the best ....I would say not anymore. The formula mmorgp is not working anymore - people want something different and this is splitting gamers in every direction.

Warhammer to me was the pinaccle of pvp, however, a few broken patches and server consolidations, hardware issues with so many people in one zone and a lack of a third realm killed the game for me.

EQ2 held my attention the longest - even with no friends playing if you are bored in EQ2 you aren't doing it right. There is so much to do and so much to see the world is expansive and the quest are endless. The graphics are better than any game I have ever played with everything turned up all the way up you will find yourself turning them back down because it is too much input for your eyes. Imagine if everything you did casted a spell which turned on police lights and strobes your eyes would hate you.

DDO great game. In fact so close to tabletop DnD I cannot play it - I would rather do tabletop. Unless you want to run the same dungeons over and over.

So what does all this mean:

It means to stand out you have to think differently, try something new. Who will step up? What company will hire a visionary, an artist that is willing to make the next best thing. Will it be PC, console or a combo? Will it be pve, pvp, crafting, solo or team based or guild based, f2p or p2p or p2w? How will communications be handled?

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