Monday, November 19, 2012

PC Gamer code contest fail HOWEVER a win!

Draegneir is the winner!

Ok my first contest from the blog and I failed. I had 9 people (just 9) that applied said they wanted in.
I picked a winner and ooops FAIL ...the winner that was chosen left me no way to contact them ..I asked they contact me ......annnnnd nothing ...sheesh!

So I go through the list of the others that wanted in ONLY one person had a contact and he had already gotten the code.


I have a code ...available to the next person who emails me their in game pilot name and email address. I will post the winners name and I hope one day to be able to play with or against them!

This won't happen next time. I have a virtual hat website to do the drawing and will require a mwo user name and email address!


  1. Send you and email let´s see if I have luck, good blog by the way

  2. Hey whats your email? I would like the free skin. Having a lot of fun with MWO. Let me know if it is still available. The servers are offline right now :( But I will get my name when they come back up.