Friday, November 9, 2012

Tactic Tip 105

4 man lance success is sticking together. The Assault mech calling the target and everyone else supporting him, keeping flies off his back, and focus firing. I call it orbiting. This has proven very very successful for us.

I am not sure why PGI decided to try 4 man lance + 4 man pug. I am guessing it is purely based on match making and giving noobs a chance at winning and less complete pug stomping.
We actually had a 4 man lance last night and when we dropped in we were informed to stay together they were a 4 man premade. So we ended up with 2 premade lances versus well they lost ....soundly.

I can say we lost a few matches due to lack of coordination with the pugs on several matches we pulled out some squeekers though and overall I had a fun time.

I will also say before this 4 man premade business I had fun just dropping in and winning or losing. I am finding without my team though I do not like playing as much. I can find better things to do with my time. What does that mean for the future of the game?

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