Saturday, November 24, 2012

Third person view MWO?

Wow, PGI is actually now talking about how they could include a third person view.

This has been a hotly requested and denied request. Just about 50% of noobs, players of other mmos have either asked about it or stated this game will fail without one.

Old school players, beta players and everyone else has either stated they will quit or learned to play without it.

So what is PGI to do ..they have to appeal to the masses because they are a F2P game or languish in obscurity. They are talking about how to add it in without giving an advantage - something that everyone could turn on and off.

How about a 3rd person view after you die that is limited to what other mechs can see?
How about a remote cam you can release as a module limited to one shot per game?
How about third person view to take screenshots? Maybe even after a match like a replay mode?

What would you suggest? Remember it cannot give an advantage to your team.

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