Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quotable Wednesday version 5.0

"I - drink - your - milkshake! I drink it up!" Daniel Plainview There will be blood. 2007

This quote has become a meme. I saw the movie and well I was completely underwhelmed. I mean it just isn't my type of movie. This quote though stands out to me. In the film, the phrase was intentionally used as a metaphor: sucking milkshake from someone else to demonstrate not only oil drainage from prized land, but the harsh nature of how cruelty often trumps meekness.
He is explaining how even if he has a milkshake and you have a milkshake his straw is long enough to drink your milkshake and his milkshake.

I have heard players complain about stealing their kill. I am not sure if they are serious or joking sometimes. A lot of players are so concerned with stats in this game from Kill/Death ratio and Win/Lose ratio. The real ratio that matters is fun/doing something else.

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