Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to burn a bridge that is already on fire.

I just read a post on the ancient gaming noob about the EA employee that basically dragged out all the inside drama from Warhammer Online explaining how it pretty much was written off as a failure and how pretty much anything to do with that group was failure ...even bleeding off into SWTOR.

Gaming wise Warhammer online was very good, fun, fast paced. Its major flaw was twofold - no good endgame and no third realm. Pointed out among other things:  unrealistic goals, out of touch and lying management, a dramatically over optimistic public spokesperson, and bad marketing.

The most proud accomplishment in SWTOR was voice overs which I admit they were good quality even. I have never wanted a game to work more kills me it failed. I believe had it been F2P to start with it may not be in its last days. But they spent soooo much money on production the IP is lost.

So here we are in MWO another tabletop, and a well known IP. F2P from the start selling a founders program that has made them over 5 million and the game isn't even in open beta. So far the glitches are worked on weekly. The advertising is not overly promising and they are listening to their testers.

They have great ambitions for things to come. Many, many people in the company are involved in the public.

So what do you guys thing ...are you so caught up in other games you do not know how much time you can invest in MWO or are you going all in?

I am enjoying MWO so much right now its hard to even concentrate on other games.

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