Friday, October 5, 2012

Mechpron: 50 Shades of Red

So 2011 was the year of an independent fan based story that got published was supposed to be what Twilight SHOULD have been like - the level of sex that women who read it craved least that is what I understood.
I read it ...I read a lot. This book was horrible and painful to get through the writing is really, really, really, bad. I think the hype about a naughty book got spread like a virus and women who don't normally read stuff like it got swept up in it and so it became this huge best seller.
Imagine fans taking the Aragorn and  Arwen changing the names but making it all about sex.

Anyway ...the writing is bad. I would say "don't read it" but the fact is if you do we can make more fun of it together.

Saturday Night Live - Fifty Shades of Grey by BigBlueBruiser

So here is what I wanted to post ...the writing is so bad. I copied a snippet and made my spin on fan fiction fiction:

...Eighteen shots in total. My mech is shaking, shaking from his merciless assault.

"Enough," The altas breathes hoarsely. "Well done, tigerspit. Now I'm going to fuck you."

He flames my behind gently, and it burns as he circles me round and round and down. Suddenly, he inserts two gauss in my legs, taking my mech completely by surprise. I gasp, this new assault breaking through the numbness around my cockpit.

"Feel this. See how much your mech likes this, tigerspit. You're smoking just for me."

There is awe in his voice. He moves through the enemy base, in and out, in quick succession.

I groan, no surely not, and then his gauss are gone...and I'm left wanting.

"Next time, I will get you to countdown. Now where's that jenner?"

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