Monday, October 8, 2012

Targeting IRL

I played a little over the weekend not a much as I would have liked.

I noticed traffic was light on the way in to work. My wife and the ads in my inbox reminded it was Columbus Day. I just thought I was early to work lol.

Anyway I think I have been playing TOO much. I have noticed myself trying to acquire information about cars, people, pretty much everything.
I have heard some of the other pilots talking about seeing rectiles even outside of game so its not a rare occurance but its funny how you start viewing your world.
It is great being able to acquire information on potiental targets quickly. The scouts make the difference for the LRMs; while you will see otehrs zoomed all the way in to pick a mech apart with unlimited long range weapons like gauss or AC/10s. It is amazing to see a mech explode from a long way off.
I have started posting my videos up on youtube. Let me know what you think and subscrieb and leave comments.

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