Thursday, October 4, 2012

MWO contest

In game video:
This is extremely cool footage ...when I saw the twitter post I could not believe MWO had allowed it seemed to break the NDA ...come to find out MWO had started a contest to post in game screenshots and video as the surpirse to dropping the NDA.

The only flaw with the footage is the game does not seem to be as high quality (even in 1080p) as it is when I play. The spectator mode is hugely fun though with the NGNG guys providing color commentary (you cannot hear the team communications).

This is a match video created by the "No guts, no galaxy" podcast guys.

Run Hot or Die Clan Playoff - Round 1

Run Hot or Die Clan Playoff - Round 2

Personally, I believe the NDA needed to be dropped; especially at the rate they were allowing people into the beta now. HOWEVER, they should have included the community a little more it kind of stings that they just dropped it randomly and did not make a production out of it.

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