Saturday, October 13, 2012

Power to the people?!?!

Unbelievable, PGI reacted after I am sure many meetings and turmoil internally.

They have decided to back off the open beta starting on the 16th. This is huge because "something" happened on Tuesdays patch ...something really, really, bad.

You would be playing along fine (if you did not craash on dropship deployment). The game would suddenly start "rubber banding" and the lag would pretty much end the game. The timer would never go down and you would no longer take damage.

Pilots and testers went to the forums, twitter, facebook, and private messages convinced the management that going open was a horrible move.

I sure would not have wanted to have my head on the chopping block for making the wrong decision. Most of us said it was a bad idea but accepted it. My biggest concern was going open beta and losing contact with a bunch of really good players.

I made a post on the forums ...half in sarcasm, but based in reality about what made so many people choose not to be on voice chat. Many people moaned about my choices (if I had room for 1000 answers it would not have been enough). The answers arent fair, reasonable; it must have been a ragepoll. Seriously a ragepoll? You have got to be trolling it was a serious question ...for people to responded that it was ragepoll or I must be immature ...well you are wrong.

It was legit and sincere; I really wanted to know if it was burn out; physically impossible; solo game play; or what is driving you to not be part of the voice community.

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