Saturday, October 6, 2012

PC Gamer Magazine Code for MWO

So I got 2 issues of PC Gamer with the free mech skin and dash bobblehead for your mech. I decided I would give one away in some sort of contest ...people love contest! (right?)

So if you guys would like comment on this post and I will randomly draw a winner.

The skin and bobblehead are available in game OCT 16th although the code can be applied now.  The skin will be appliable to all your mechs and the bobblehead will be on your mech dash so you can see it and once others on your team die they will be able to watch it bobble while you continue to pwn other mechs!

The magazine is 9$ at news stands and $1.66 if you have a subscription. So if anyone is reading this that is NOT going to play please email me your code and I will have more to give away. If you want to be recognized as contributing I will refer traffic to you.


  1. I would appreciate the code. I've been checking out your blog and it seems interesting. Thank you.

  2. i want to participate, i cant purchase the pcgamer cos im outside of USA ;)

    thank you :D

  3. Hey MechDaddy!
    I'm all for random chances to win! lol
    The other bonus being here, was reading that we now have NARC? I haven't powered up in the last couple of weeks.. but tonight.. there will be scouting and spotting! Oh yes... there will... :-D

  4. Good luck with the competition - it's kinda annoying that it's the US version only - not even the Canadians get the code and MWO is made by a Canadian company...

  5. Well i would love to get that code. i have been playing MWO for about a month and a half now and i have found it a great game. I have been having trouble getting a copy of the us PC Gamer mag in Australia at the moment

  6. Greetings from Russia where we cannot buy this issue.

  7. Do you have still some Codes?
    I would like one too!
    Greetings from Germany!

  8. Hello you dont mind sending a code to me ? (if you still have one)
    I was not able to get a copy of the magazine since it was not released in Sweden.
    And this is the only way i will be able to get my hands on one.