Friday, October 5, 2012

Tactic Tip 102

Fridays, I have decided will mainly be about a tactic.

Todays Tactic is:


(this is not what I mean)

FF is a proven tactic to win. A scout will target an enemy mech (we now have narc and tag) and the whole team commences targeting that one mech until it is dead. It works very well on that target rocking it back and forth keeping it lost in a barrage of lasers, missiles it is quite glorious.

NARC - is a no damage missile beacon that is placed on an enemy mech that will call missiles to it. It does not require LoS (line of sight)
TAG - is a laser shot and held on by a scout that directs missiles and assist with faster locks causing MORE missiles to strike a target. TAG requires LoS.

Focus fire requires that you listen and assist in killing one mech even if you are getting hit from elsewhere.

That is it for today.

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