Friday, October 12, 2012

Tactic Tip 103

Last night after patching I load in and Teamspeak is down ...I launch the forums to see what happened ...well they do not know but they are aware it is down. I see post that indicate people have found back up teamspeak servers so I hop onto NGNG's teamspeak ...ahhh friendly faces (names really) and I am welcomed into a group.
I have never played with some of these guys before; and so it goes you never know how or if you can work with them.
When we launch 2 guys crash out. Dammit, now we are down 6 to 8. I am in LRM mode so I am useless without a scout (we lost the only one in the crash). So we try a flanking maneuver (this time it fails because we shoot too early but it was a close game).
Someone mentions that on the forum right now there is some issue with lag and people firing on disconnected mechs making the lag worse or staying connected after your mech is destroyed will cause lag. the theories are endless ...bottom line hanging out after you die or are disconnected is bad mojo.
So we decide to do flanking for the rest of the night you run on a sideways path toward the enemy base and while they are setting up to receive you you sneak in behind and them and kill them in a worse case you are closer to their base than they are to your base.
It worked and the matches were over with us claiming victory 8 times out of the 7 matches I played in.

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